Sunday, December 4, 2011

New development version of xplanner+ available


Xplanner+ was updated.

Mostly upgrades to new libraries, bug fixes and removing unneeded code.
New build is available for download:


  1. Nice

    Just need to figure out how to upgrade from previous version

  2. Same here... :)
    Trying to figure out how to lay the 1.1 code base onto the 1.0 code base.
    The "" and other java files in the domain package clued me in that something is a bit different here... any tips?

  3. Hi! I would like to know how could I upgrading from version 1.1a2. I tried a lot of things without success. I am using hsqldb. Thank you!.


  4. Does the source code available under any open source licenses? I would like to see if i can extend the code...Please suggest.