Sunday, January 31, 2010

Demo of latest xplanner

Here you can try xplanner+, without installing it on your system.

XplannerPlus is based on xplanner project.

More details about xplanner-plus you may read on

стосовно: XPlanner Login (переглянути на Google Sidewiki)


  1. Hello it's very nice that you have renewed XPlanner development - one of the oldest and best OSS tools for agile.
    Have a question which popped while looking at refactoring work you've done.
    Have you elaborated at question regarding UI side refactoring. I mean Struts 1.X is an old UI development framework as JSP for templating. Ofcourse it's my opinion maybe it's to much to refactor everything now especially JSP pages. Just was curious wether you like to develop using Struts or it's just other reasons mensioned above that old XPlanner was built on that ? You could have included long term refactroing to - for example one of the component driven frameworks like Wicket, Seam (with wicket or JSF/Facelets), Tapestry and etc (from my personal experience they are more productive - i've developed with Struts for 3 years than switched to JSF implementations and recently got intrested in Wicket)...
    Thank you one more time for bringing back this project !!!

  2. Thanks for providing the demo at but what are the login credentials?

  3. I installed X-Planner and did project, story & Task create. But application crashes if i click on link people. Please provide help for this.

  4. I have installed XPlanner+ and my team is using it. Love the software. However, demo link is not working.

  5. The Demo-server doesn't work.